About Dementia

Dementia is the name for a combination of symptoms (a syndrome) in which the brain can no longer process information properly. Dementia is a collective name for more than fifty diseases. The most common form of dementia is the disease Alzheimer's. In addition, come vascular dementiafrontotemporal dementia (FTD) and Lewy body dementia a lot for. Dementia is a complicated and far-reaching disease that raises many questions for both patients and family members. In the video below a brief explanation about dementia.

Source: Alzheimer Nederland


Hotel California Runs is not a medical website or platform. We experience the process surrounding Frontotemporal Dementia up close and share our experiences. Do you have questions about dementia or are you worried about the possible symptoms in a loved one? Please contact your doctor or consult one of the websites below for more information:





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