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My father and I decided in April 2020 that we will run together once a week. Good for the body, good for the mind. Especially nowadays.

Hotel California Runs - Dam tot damloop 2016

We known since the beginning of 2020 that Frontotemporal Dementia has been diagnosed with dad. This is a less known form of dementia, but one with an unpleasant and intensive process. There is no treatment for this. Staying healthy and fit can help slow down the process. And that's what we're going to do. So we don't run for speed or to complete a distance like we used to. We now run to spend time together. "Hotel California Runs" is our joint running log and serves as a reference guide. From the first moment we post this via our social channels Instagram and Facebook.

But you can also help in the fight against dementia. There are more than 290,000 people with dementia in the Netherlands. There are far too many and we have to do something about this. That is why we are now also raising money to make more research possible into dementia. Because only then can we reduce this wretched disease. To make this concrete, donate 20% of each product sold to enable more research. Together we create more awareness and money against all forms of dementia.

Thanks for your support!
#Together AgainstDementia

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